SkynCams Compensation

Scalable Payouts

John F. Kennedy once said, "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."
This statement is at the very heart of the SkynCams philosophy, and drives and inspires us the be the best without compromising principles, staying true to our words, and always fulfilling our promises.

Each performer starts out at 60% payout. That is TRUE 60% of Token Tips, Private & Group Chats, Snapchat Sales, and Media Sales. In any given pay period, if you collect at least 25,001 tokens, you will be paid at the 65% rate. Collect at least 50,001 tokens in that pay period, and you will be paid 70% on those tokens. It is a moving scale that rewards you for your hard work.

Simple .. Easy to Learn .. Maximum Payouts!

Monthly Bonus Programs

From time to time, SkynCams holds contests to award broadcasters whose performance excels. For example, SkynCams may award an extra monetary cash bonus for the broadcasters who spend the most time online, or for broadcasters with the most media sales/
These bonuses are announced in the blog/news section of this website, and you will be notified in advance via email.

Bi-Monthly Payouts

SkynCams pays out broadcasters on the 1st and 15th of every month, no exception. Our pay systems are internal, managed by our dedicated accounting staff, and are system redundant.

CDN Global Broadcast Distribution

SkynCams was designed with scalability in mind. Our dedicated technology team is Microsoft certified and are well-versed in Azure cloud technologies, Akamai Global Endpoint Distribution, and the latest in streaming HLS/MPG-DASH technologies.

The SkynCams system supports streaming to any device and auto-scales on the fly, firing up virtual machines as needed. When a broadcaster begins streaming, he/she is attached to a streaming entry point server nearest to her/him geopraphically (we currently have 15 entry points around the world with plans to add more). From that point, the stream is encoded into multiple formats and is distributed to thousands of end point servers around the world for end user consumption. So if you are in Brazil, your stream comes from the nearest server in Brazil. In Los Angeles or Las Vegas? We have local end point servers there as well.

Dedicated Support Specialists

When it comes to support, SkynCams shines above all others.
We have dedicated support teams for Broadcasters, Members, Advertisers and Affiliates, as well as direct support phone numbers only available to you.
If you ever have an issue or question, it will get addressed immediately!

Retirement Programs

Sure, the income is great now, but what about later in life?
No matter what your profession, you should always be saving for the future when you retire.
SkynCams FIRMLY believes in saving for retirement, and this is why we have implemented a program where you can save a portion of your earnings each week to be dispursed into a Fidelity or Betterment account.
YOU decide how much you want to save. A dedicated support specialist can walk you through setting it up.